Master Plans

Luttrell Pyefinch architects have a depth of experience in preparing master plans for schools. This is a process whereby we work to assist schools understand facilities and look to provide strategic planning for implementation.
School development is dynamic so the sitting of new buildings or other infrastructure should not limit future development

We have experience with multiple educational sites and developed options to best suit the desired teaching and learning model in a timely manner. The assessment of the each option and model is judged against a number of factors including suitability of purpose and cost and is undertaken in conjunction with all stakeholders. Complex sites and briefs require that services are provided in a flexible manner that will be able to quickly recognise and pursue of opportunities as part of the total design process. The practice is able to develop and assess multiple options in a timely manner to maximise the project’s outcomes

Here are just two examples.

Master Plan for Emmanuel Christian School

Our practice has worked with Christian Schools Tasmania at a number of school sites since 2002.   In 2011 we prepared a Master Plan for Emmanuel Christian School, the Performing Arts Complex was constructed as a part of the Master Plan in 2016.

The design includes a studio style theatre space used for performance and school assemblies, meeting rooms, storage rooms, amenities and a servery. The construction required use of minimal maintenance materials internally and externally. Acoustic wall and ceiling linings have been desigined specifially for performance in the room. Retractable seating is provided over a sprung timber floor.

The meeting rooms are used for a range of activities, these spaces provide important teaching space in addtion to catering for community meetings. The design worked to include windows to permit daylight and natural ventilation to all spaces – windows were fitted and detailed to block out light in the performance space.

Master Plan for St Johns School

St Johns School engaged Luttrell Pyefinch architects to complete a master plan for the site.  The implementation of the master plan provided the school with upgrades to the school administration, a library, new canteen and multipurpose hall.

The hall design was developed in collaboration with the client to derive a solution suitable for the specific needs of the school community.

The design responds to the heritage context of the site. The building provides a large light filled space which is well used by the school for a range of activities including whole of school assemblies and presentation events. The project includes accessibility for a wide range of users and circulation for use by the public internal to the schools boundary. Covered areas are incorporated to support external activities.

The main space considers accommodation of a range of possible activities and has considered durable surfaces and the management of sound within the space.